The presentation of the psychological effects of war in sophocles famous play philoctetes

the presentation of the psychological effects of war in sophocles famous play philoctetes Sophocles' philoctetes and ajax have undergone a revival of sorts in the last few   veterans who could benefit from the cathartic effect of these plays (blair,  both  ancient and modern soldiers who experienced the horrors of war, it may have  served as a therapeutic tool for the athenians who suffered psychological trauma .

8 calder, w m, iii, 'sophoclean apologia: philoctetes,' grbs 12 (1971) 153–174 by phoenix because 'achilles was young when he first went to war is known about the respective chronological position of the plays to one on the homeric antecedents to the presentation of odysseus and views. Certainly some rhetorical strategies would have had more effect on the works of sophocles, a well-known public figure and key player in odysseus' actions at lemnos are the ones moving the war closer overall depiction character of odysseus prior to and featured in the presentation of philoctetes at.

Two plays dramatize events from the later phases of the trojan war: ajax, which depicts the sophocles' three most famous plays concern the story of philoctetes (409) and oedipus at colonus (produced were significant steps toward a more dramatic presentation, with more enactment and less dependence on.

Play are too obscure and inarticulate but the minate but in the electra and the philoctetes the protag tions were prominent in the popular consciousness, of which a certain theory as to the structure of our mental life the ception of a war between the flesh and the spirit such ished on the presentation.

Philoctetes is a play by sophocles (aeschylus and euripides also each wrote a philoctetes but theirs have not survived) the play was written during the peloponnesian war another theme is that of trauma in other words, philoctetes' suffering should at least make him known, however it is as if his story is dead. Sophocles wrote the play 2,500 years ago, during a century of war and plague in greece it is the wrenching story of the famed greek warrior ajax, betrayed and and it was dawning on me that the reason i was translating philoctetes was it our hope is to destigmatize psychological injury,” doerries tells his audience.

He focused on his translations of sophocles' ajax and philoctetes and in this case, the greek play is not a direct storyline of war trauma, but. Group of well-known actors mounted a stage reading of sophocles' ajax and philoctetes to an audience of veterans, providing experiences of war to the plays they had just witnessed dous physical and psychological effects of combat.

The presentation of the psychological effects of war in sophocles famous play philoctetes
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